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Empower your patients and clinicians to engage in shared decision making.

Advance care planning can be a complex process, and any breakdown places added stress on patients, their caregivers, and your clinicians. Developing a program to support your clinicians and patients through this process results in higher satisfaction for all involved, and patients receiving appropriate care that aligns with their goals and values.



Vynca offers a complete end-to-end EHR-integrated advance care planning solution for hospitals and health systems. From shared decision making around advance care planning to digital completion of documents – POLST, advance directives and others – we make these digitally available to all clinicians, patients, and their selected caregivers.

Clinician Education

Advance care planning conversations can be difficult, and many clinicians are not prepared to have these conversations. Standardize the process, and provide content to help guide clinicians through these conversations.

Patient Engagement Tools

Through integration with the existing patient portal, email, text, phone calls, and other communication methods, patients can register for a Vynca account, and receive education and content so they can make informed decisions around future care preferences.

Shared Decision Making

Support the collaboration between your clinicians and patients by offering tools to encourage active participation in end-of-life medical decisions.

eDocument Completion

Patients and clinicians can digitally complete documents anytime, anywhere. This includes eSignature for the clinician, patient, and the witness. Or if paper documents already exist, they can be uploaded and will appear on the Vynca dashboard.


Regardless of where the documents are completed, they will be digitally available to the clinicians in all care settings. Patients and their designated caregivers can also access these documents.


To align with the goals of your program and organization, we provide value driven reports including document completion, document access, and HEDIS.


Improve patient, caregiver, and clinician experience

Improve patient and caregiver satisfaction

Reduce unwanted, unnecessary healthcare interventions at end-of-life

Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions

Reduce unnecessary ICU utilization

Support shared decision making

Achieve value-based metrics

Achieve cost savings

“In order to provide high-value care concordant with patient wishes, we needed just-in-time electronic access to the most recent, legally valid POLST form. Our goals included this functionality to exist for our patients even outside our own walls and our EHR could not achieve this. Vynca allowed us to achieve all our goals with their EHR-integrated solution that allows POLST access to all participating providers across the state.”
Kathy Blanton, Director, Clinical Integration, Office of Patient Experience — Sutter Health
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