Respond to COVID-19: Rapidly Deploy an eRegistry

In light of the impact that COVID-19 has on our most vulnerable patients, clarifying goals of care is essential to providing the highest quality care and avoiding medical errors of overtreatment. And with the current ICU surges, it is unacceptable to admit patients to the ICU without clarifying treatment preferences in advance to ensure precious resources are allocated to those that need them most. We are here to support you in ensuring that your organization has advance care planning practices in place.

Advance care planning and the ability to create and access documents has never been more important. With the increase in telehealth visits, the fear of infectious disease transmission from paper documents, and no access to documentation to make appropriate treatment decision, a digital solution is needed now more than ever. With Vynca’s Emergency ACP eRegistry, organizations can quickly deploy an ACP Registry. With this solution, you can support:

  • Telehealth consults
  • Digital document completion including POLST, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Advance Directive, DNR, Goals of Care and What Matters Most
  • eSignature for patients, clinicians, and healthcare surrogates
  • Digital access to documents across all care settings and multiple organizations
  • Conversations to clarify goals of care
  • Honoring patient wishes during this critical time

Support those clinicians on the front lines, as well as those having conversations to clarify goals.

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